Established in 2009, Northridge Engineering Limited is a construction company serving the public, civil and oil & gas industry.

We pride ourselves on our reputation of being most reliable and we conduct business with integrity, caring not only for our customers and people, but also our country.

Nigeria is a country on the rise. With abundant resources and one of the largest youth populations in the world, there is great potential for economic growth and prosperity.

To unlock it we need to support exploration, accommodate growing industries, improve infrastructure, and increase power supply. These sectors rely on civil construction service providers that deliver. Since 2009 we have consistently contributed to Nigeria’s growth with premium quality services.

We believe that the Nigerian growth potential can only be unlocked if customers can count on the promises being made. Whether it is a handshake or written contract, reliability is our highest value. For that, we foster a culture that lives up to our promises and ambitions. Northridge Engineering delivers premium quality – safely, efficiently and within budget.

We select and train our professionals based on their determination to be truly helpful and look after others – whether they are customers, colleagues or Northridge partners. And we select strategic partners who align with our highest value. Only then can we be the best we can possibly be for every customer in this country, on every project.

It is not just a desire to be the most reliable Nigerian construction company.

It is our way of life.

You can rely on that.

– Mr. Saad Ismail – Managing Director, Northridge Engineering Limited